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The Side Effects of Masturbation

Masturbation or stimulation of the genitals for purposes of orgasmic stimulation is called Masturbation. It is the act of stimulating your genitals with the aid of your hands for an extended period of time for an erotic sexual experience. Today, there are many side effects of Masturbation. It has been seen that Masturbation can result in various side effects.

The first and the most obvious side effect of Masturbation are “Masturbation Guilt”. The person feels guilty and feels scared of their wrongdoings because of which they have to do this again.

This can be a result of various psychological problems that can occur in a person. It could also be a result of the wrong beliefs that a person has regarding masturbation and sexuality. It could be a result of the guilt complex that a person is going through.

The next side effect of Masturbation is “Semen Crunching”. It is the result of the excess secretion of semen by the male reproductive organs for the purpose of procreation. Semen churning can be seen as a normal bodily function of the body if there is an excess secretion of semen.

But if there is an excessive secretion of semen then there may be health issues like pregnancy problems, low libido and reduced sexual desire, reduced sperm count, hormonal imbalance, and reduced sperm motility. These are some of the health issues that can occur due to the excessive secretion of semen.

Another of the side effects of Masturbation is “Completely Lost Pleasure”. A person who indulges in Masturbation for a prolonged period of time may feel or become completely devoid of pleasure. There are many people who masturbate on a daily basis; sometimes it becomes almost addictive.

Withdrawal from the routine of Masturbation can cause a person to feel acute pain or even acute pain and uneasiness. Those who have lost all pleasure and happiness in their life due to the addiction to Masturbation may find complete detachment very difficult to get over.

One of the most serious side effects of Masturbation is “Hormonal Imbalance”. Women are more prone to this than men are and for that reason, they experience numerous health problems related to excessive secretion of hormones during their monthly periods. Some women even suffer from infertility.

So it becomes important that you practice safe sex when you are masturbating to avoid causing harm to your partner through STDs or other sexually transmitted diseases.

If you are suffering from Masturbation, it can bring about a lot of tension and pain both physically and mentally. You feel the need to control your own behavior and that results in you trying to control your own orgasm. This results in an overproduction of hormones and hence the urge to control over-orgasm.

This can result in a lack of sexual desire and an inability to achieve ejaculation. So if Masturbation causes some serious side effects it can be a good idea to avoid it completely to ensure healthy sexual development.

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