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Best Foreplay Tips by Craigslist Escorts

If sex with your partner is getting boring, poor foreplay could be the reason. Any physical activity requires a warm-up. Sex should not be different. If you have ever book a craigslist escort, you most likely know how the model prepares you with anticipation, passion, and suspense. These are some of the things that make foreplay unforgettable. When done correctly, foreplay can be exciting for sex partners. Here are some of the best foreplay tips to guide you.

Start Outside the Bedroom

Don’t be predictable by initiating sex in the bedroom all the time. Instead, start outside by playing with your partner outside the bedroom. For instance, get closer to your partner and touch him suggestively while watching television. You can even kiss or caress your partner suggestively. These are some of the things companions do to turn on their clients while gearing up for sessions of steamy sensual pleasure.

Kiss Passionately

Avoid giving your spouse goodbye kisses when you want to make love to them. Instead, give your spouse a sensual, slow, deep kiss. Make it feel intimate just the way your first kiss felt. Place lips on your lover’s lips with eyes closed and even play along. You can move lips slowly, softly, and purposely.

Explore Your Partner’s Body

While kissing your partner, run your hands over their body. Kiss the neck, arms, and other body parts of your partner. If they start moaning or relaxing their body, it means they are enjoying the sensation. Move your hands over the body of your partner while kissing them. Exploring the body of your partner is generally arousing and sensual. It’s a sure way to ensure that you both feel horny.

Dirty Talk

You’ve probably booked a female companion after she engaged you in dirty talk. Dirty talk is sexy. You can talk dirty outside the bed or within the bedroom walls. For instance, share dark sexual fantasies with your spouse without fearing being judged. This will draw you closer to each other and enhance an intimate sensation. Before proceeding to the bedroom, you can start talking dirty in your living room.

Play Naughty Games

Playing dirty games is a great foreplay tip that will make you feel sexier, kinkier, and naughtier. You can play these games with your partner in bed or in your living room. There are many sex games for couples that you can try with your partner.

One of the reasons why men book craigslist escorts more often is their excellent foreplay skills. Try these tips to have better foreplay with your partner.

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