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Big Boob Facts that Will Absolutely Blow Your Mind

Regardless of their size or orientation, boobs are a spectacular female feature with innumerable physical and psychological benefits. Naturally, breasts are a sign of unique beauty. They are fascinating, and men find them irresistible. What’s more, they play a role in shaping new life since they are essential for breastfeeding. To understand the concept of boobs, here are facts that you should know about breasts:

There Are Up To Eight Types of Nipples

Most people categorize boobs on the basis of their size. However, there are different types of nipples. Essentially, one woman can have nipples that are completely different from those of another woman. Common types of nipples include flat, bumpy, inverted, protruding, hairy, puffy, supernumerary, and unilateral inverted nipples. These variations are natural orientations and they are normal among healthy and reproductive women.

The Shape of Boobs Can Change

The shape of breasts can be easily changed by sleeping habits. For instance, women that sleep with their faces down can experience alteration in their boobs’ shapes. Sleeping on your side is the best way to maintain the shape of your boobs.

Breasts are Not Identical

Perhaps, you think you have identical breasts. However, they are not. It is normal for one breast to be a bit larger than the other. The disparity is easy to notice in some women. However, some women may not even notice it.

Boobs Hold Some Weight

Regardless of the shape of your boobs or the kind of nipples you have, your breasts have some weight. A normal breast can weigh about 3 to 4 kilos. They can also hold about 4 to 5% of overall body fat. This makes their weight quite significant. In women that have bigger boobs, the weight can even be more.

Breast Size Changes Monthly

Just like menstruation flow, the size of your boobs fluctuates on a monthly basis. During your periods, the body produces more hormones. These can lead to an increase in breast size.  But, this shouldn’t worry you because boobs get back to their normal size afterward.

Nipples are Very Sensitive

Nipples play a very role when it comes to stimulation. They are very among the most sensitive parts of the female body. Touching the nipples will turn almost any woman. In fact, some women reach orgasm when their partners play with their nipples.

There is a record of the world’s largest boob size. Annie Hawkins Turner wears a 52L bra size. She currently holds the record for the largest natural boobs in the world.

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